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Where is Pilot Mound, Manitoba?

Pilot Mound is located in southern Manitoba, about 2 hours southwest of Winnipeg, and 90 minutes south east of Brandon

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Pilot Mound


Pilot Mound is far from a "sleepy", "quiet" community.

The noise you'll enjoy here is of a different nature, provided by Mother Nature herself, or by people living and loving the lifestyle the community provides: gleeful shrieks of children at the swimming pool, the ping of the bat followed by the cheers of the fans, greetings called out to walkers-by, the roar from the arena, or the sounds of families enjoying outdoor time together.

There's no rush hour traffic to contend with, few emergency sirens, no buses, and the sound of overhead aircraft is barely audible.

You'll breathe healthy clean air fragranced by freshly-cut grass as you walk the town, 5 minutes from anything you need. If you need to drive, the parking is free, the spaces quick to find.

Residents mind their own business, but will keep an eye out for you. Strangers are quickly noticed. Here it's second nature to observe them until it's known why they are here - a form of the residents' own policing along with Citizens On Patrol.

There are no latchkey kids, street gangs or meth labs, no home invasions, car thefts, or violence.

Everyone is safe here.

You will have curb-side pickup of garbage and recycling, yard refuse pickup from late spring through early fall, snow ridge removal from driveways when circumstances allow, satellite or cable TV, and high-speed internet services. A Town By-Law prevents dogs from running loose.

The taxes are low, and housing affordable.

The rolling landscape and nearby lakes provide excellent hunting and fishing, as well as summer and winter recreation for snowmobile, ATV, water-skiing, snow skiing, boating and cross-country skiing enthusiasts.

The residents' pride in their community will impress you. Summer yards are well cared for; flower baskets adorn the streetlights. You cannot help but notice the fragrantly beautiful flower boxes scattered throughout the business section.

The season changes and the yards and flowers transform into Christmas Wonderland - to enchant you during your horse-drawn sleigh ride with your family around the town.

You can enjoy an evening's entertainment at a Coffee House or Dinner Theatre, listening to the incredible musical talent to be found in this area. You can cheer your lungs out at a Senior Pilot's Hockey or Baseball game, bid on priceless hockey memorabilia at the bi-annual Community Auction or simply sit outside in your back yard enjoying a bonfire on a warm summer's eve.

The people who live here love living here, and wonder why anyone would want to live anywhere else.

You'll find them down-to-earth and friendly, with a drive to rise to any challenges presented to them, and determined to play their role in keeping a small community alive.

They invite you to join them, and to explore Pilot Mound right now.

Should you be interested in meeting with some residents and taking a "tour of the town", please email the Chamber of Commerce, and we'll arrange that for you.

If any of your questions are not answered on this website, again, please email the Chamber of Commerce, and we'll answer them for you as quickly as possible.
Pilot Mound
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