Email:         Municipality of Louise Office:   Phone 204-873-2591

Pilot Mound Library

129 Broadway Ave W
Pilot Mound, MB R0G 1P0

Phone: 204-825-2035

Hours of Operation:
Tuesday: Noon - 6pm;
Wednesday: Noon - 5pm;
Thursday: Noon - 6pm

New residents to Pilot Mound are invited to visit the local library located at 219 Broadway Avenue. The library houses hundreds of books for all ages. It has: fiction books for both children and adults, mystery and western books, biographies, non-fiction, history and genealogical books, encyclopedias, magazines of all sorts, a great assortment of large print books as well as a good collection of video cassettes.

The local library also hosts a number of services. Please visit our website for more information.

The library is governed by an independent board of residents. The greatest amount of funding is provided through property taxes and per capita government grants, while a lesser amount is generated by the library through donations and fees.

Library service is built on the foundation of sharing, goodwill and co-operation. You can foster life-long learning by using the library. It can change your day-to-day living and enhance your quality of life, even reduce situations that could be harmful. Making a conscious choice to travel along the path of excellence is up to you. With membership you can have access to over 180,000 books and 14,000 audio-visual items at all times. Many library books are available to download, on e readers, that are supported by the system, just visit the library to get a code.

We invite you to check out the Pilot Mound Library, and make yourself known to the librarian on duty. We'd be glad to have you as a patron. You will find a whole world of information in the library ...... whatever you want to know, we can assist. Knowledge is free at the library - just bring your own container!

Remember . . . one who doesn't read has no advantage over one who cannot read. Come, join us and make the library your local entertainment center.